Digital convergence

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What is digital convergence?

Digital convergence is the merging of different technologiesmediaservices and applications into a singular device (Spacey, 2015)Digital convergence is constantly occurring with new technologies being developed bringing separate components into one identity.

An early example of convergence happened in the early twentieth century when radio wave technology merged with mediasuch as newspapersmusic and stories gave birth to modern radiochanging how people shared and received information.

A more recent example of convergence was the merging of televisioninternet access, mobilitycallstextvideo cameramusic playernewspaper and radio into a smartphone.

Mobile phones have transformed the way society functionsMobile phones provide a way to contact anyone at anytime but they also provide opportunities to be a distraction in certain environments such as school or work as well as inhibiting social interactions.

As technology develops so will the way in which we access it, already devices such as bio-chips are allowing people to paywith a swipe of their hand. Bio-chips that have attached records such as your licensepassportbank cardsonline health records and public transport cards.

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Mysimpleshow is an easy tool to create homemade animated videos and could be easily implemented into the classroom through an activity such as making each student create a video based on a given topic. However there were a few issues, mysimpleshow prevented me from adding my own voice, making the video flow badly, as well as forcing a word count upon me which forced me to shorten what I needed to write for my viewers to gain a good understanding of digital convergence. Mysimpleshow also wouldn’t allow me to publish the video onto YouTube thereby inhibiting me from embedding the video into the blog. These problems occurred because mysimpleshow wanted me to buy a subscription for their service, which I understand. As a teacher I think that it’s important that software doesn’t limit you or your students creativity. Schools should provide the best opportunities for students to grow their understanding of the digital world through the use of programs such as mysimpleshow as it helps develop not only their digital literacy but literacy skills as a whole (Howell, 2012, p.79)


Howell J. (2012). Teaching with ICT. Australia: Oxford University Press Australia.

Spacey J. (September, 2015) What is digital convergence? [Blog Post]. Retrieved from on the 4th of May 2018.




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